(PL) Lifestyle blog Ireland. O życiu na zielonej wyspie. Irlandia ciekawostki, praca, przepisy, miejsca które warto zobaczyć.

About me be-happy-in-green

My name is Jolanta Jakubczyk. Like most polish people raised during communism I can almost do everything, except for foreign languages. I am a hard worker and I am not scared off easily when it comes to work. Throughout my life I worked as a cleaner, waitress, salesman, designer and business woman. I can change a light bulb, paint walls, and even lay panels. I finished an impressive amount of courses and attended many schools. I read about a thousand books (not all of them were good). My life has always been involved around studying and exploring new things. Today I am restarting my life, on new grounds and in new reality.

My blog is my anchor. Hopefully it will be an anchor for you, serving as inspiration and motivation so that you will never lose passion for the most important things in your life. In my blog there will be things that give you happiness or at least a smile once in a while. You must take yourself to all parts of the world or find yourself in all parts of the world.

About the blog

Where did the name come from? From hope, that comes from the colour green. From the green island that I live on now. My healthy natural life style. Frogs!

The blog is a reflection of the path that I am on now. I am taking the first steps as an immigrant, I am creating my own space, using everything that I have learned and what life taught me as well as what I am experiencing at the moment. Here, you will find everything that delighted me or shocked me, advice on solving ambiguous situations and inspiring ideas on how to use your free time.

I am organising and decorating my house (rented of course). During my free time I go out with my camera and take pictures. I like to call these outings my little adventures. There is much less adventures that take me really far away. I also like taking a peak at interesting buildings and constructions with fascinating decor. I enjoy good cuisine, even though I am not a good cook, I am not afraid to experiment in the kitchen; the results can be seen on the blog. I photograph everything with passion. I photograph the interesting, different, good looking and the ugly. I write about life absurdities and try to find an easy solution for them.

The blog is originally written in Polish and later translated into English. The idea and style of the articles should remain the same. The articles are not translated word for word.