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Attractions in Dublin – shipweck near Drogheda

We go and see the popular places but we tend to miss the most interesting ones, because no one talks about them. So I decided to show an interesting attraction near Dublin, a shipwreck that for many years has rested on a beautiful beach.

Imagination that has no boundaries

Beautiful Caribbean beaches that welcome pirate ships filled with treasure. Johnny Deep in his costume cruises around and gives out orders with his characteristic gesticulations. My imagination tells me: I want to be there! I know that I would be undetectable and get into my role, straight from the book Treasure Island.

Dreams exist so that we can make them happen, so how do you go about fulfilling your childhood fantasies? Teleport yourself into a fairytale scenery where you can take over as a captain of a pirate ship. Since the Caribbean’s are far away, and the only ship that is close enough is in Dublin’s commercial museum. Imagination exists so that it can be used. It helps in life and it is very helpful in building your child’s creativity. Maybe it is important to stimulate your own creativity too? For me it is like going back in time into my childhood, when Hollywood creations where not yet so popular and the only thing I had was a book and my imagination.

Attractions near Dublin

Couple of days ago I saw a picture on instagram, that reminded me of a very interesting place near Dublin. It is nothing special, just a beach really. A typical sandy beach, but at the same time there is something extraordinary about it. This is because of the shipwreck, that is just resting there and is pretty much forgotten about. I am not sure how long it has been here, but there is not a lot left of it now. It was still in one piece 16 years ago, wrote @edibleireland.  The daily inflow of salty water has forbidden me from admiring it in that condition. Today the rusty hull is split into two pieces and can be seen on the beach’s horizon, near Drogheda.

Sightseeing for free

Every time someone asks me about places they want to visit in Dublin, I tend to concentrate on what I think the person wants to see or what they should see. Cliffs, Guinness Museum, seeing the oldest pub in Dublin or going out to the Flea market. I always forget about the beautiful beaches. The typical ones, sandy ones and the ones with rocks and stones. A place where normal things become magical and the beautiful photographs remind us of the unforgettable moments we had. There is hundreds of places that don’t require tickets. It is worth going there.

The shipwreck rested on a beach near Drogheda. In and around the golf clubs. The actual name of the place is Termonfeckin beach. You will definitely get there if you just walk along the beach.

atrakcje dublin

atrakcje dublin

atrakcje dublin

atrakcje dublin