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be happy in green

Be happy in green – loved this month…

October has given us wonderful weather. I was able to use this time and go for relaxing walks, however I also spend a lot of my time in front of the computer screen. I was working on myself and my blog.

Be happy in green

I have been experiencing happiness in Ireland for about a year now. There has been some surprises along the way too. I am trying to collect all these moments and write about them in my notebook. This helps me clear my mind and analyze everything that has been going on. I kept on discovering absurdities of this country but at the same time admiring the beauty and positivity of its inhabitants. They live in a slow rhythm. They are not in a hurry and they are enjoying the moment. I am also grateful for the advice I received from people that have lived here for longer than I have. Their knowledge is as priceless to me as yours is.

be happy in green

I started my blog. Even though it was not bread and butter work, I am happy with it. Help from others became essential. Thank you for that. I have also received a lot of help from Shelly, my cat. She has carefully checked the arrangements of the exhibits for the photos. In her free time she has posed as a model. In the evenings she was supportive by purring some good advice into my ears. I hope that my readers will also inspire me to write in a specific direction where I can discuss important and interesting topics.

Flying ring

This title may sound like I am writing about a rally of witches that gathered on the Sabbath celebration, but in a positive way. These women were very enlightened for their times. They were actually ahead of their times. They knew everything about herbs; they could not only heal the body, but also the soul. Polish women from the flying ring are a group of creative women. They break the rules, they want to develop, they seek inspirations, and they create their own business. They just want to do it! They reach their target as a group, they support one another. Meeting them gave me a positive boost of energy that gave me the power to activate my death cells. It gave me power. Motivation to work woke me up at dawn. I analyzed my life and created new goals and I am trying to find the right path in my personal and professional life. I invite everyone to create their own individual map of thoughts and circle of competence in both personal and professional life.

be happy in green

Perfect photos

I have to watch myself so that I don’t sound like I am self-admiring. I was able to create my pregnancy photo shoot. I have been back and forward on the idea of taking such photos, because I was not feeling well during my pregnancy. I decided that it was worth it. It will be an amazing souvenir, after the pregnancy when I will get my flat stomach with a six-pack and I will be holding my new baby in my arms. These are the photos that I am most proud of because I was not only the model but also the photographer. Even though I am far off from a professional photo shoot, I am most proud of it.

I found perfect photos on instagram. Good shots and the right amount of composing elements,w ork done on very high standard. Food shown in a slower life style. Makelifetastypl is worthy of imitation. I will continue to follow her and try to take out as much inspiration as I can. I am sure it will not be easy. Her imagination and ideas amaze.

be happy in green

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    Kiciusie i przyjaciele zawsze są pomocni :)