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Be slim it is easy

When I see pictures of food or food in real life I get huge cravings for it. I want to taste them right now. I enjoy my food and I eat a lot but I don’t get fat. I have rules when it comes to eating and I want to share them with you, because being slim is simple.

I never understood people that counted their calorie intake. Who needs that? Stress before every meal. Getting annoyed because you can’t eat something you like and hunger that you feel for the next few hours, until your next tiny meal. This usually ends in binging, eating junk food and drinking sweet colourful and artificial fizzy drinks. You are just becoming enemies with your body. Would you like it if someone cheated on you and later lied that it is all for your own good?

Regular meals

When your body receives a regular amount of calories it does not need to store anything for a rainy hour. It knows that you love your body. You love your body and you always give it food. Your body loves you too. It burns whatever it received few hours ago and it is gone forever. Well maybe you will see it later, in the toilet.

Start with breakfast. It is a great way to start your day and say hello to your body. Later lunch and dinner. In between these meals give your belly something sweet. No, no, I am not talking about chocolate and cakes. Fruit. Fruit contains natural sugars that are good for you. Some fruits help with metabolism and cleansing your body- like apples. Your meals and snacks must be eaten regularly every 2-3 hours. Never extend the time between your snacks and meals. Don’t ever replace your meals with coffee, sweets or other unhealthy snacks.

Drink water

And I don’t mean fruit juice. This is poison for your body (unless you have squeezed them yourself from fresh fruit). The same goes for all colourful drinks like coke or fanta as well as shakes and alike. Leave them behind in the shop and restrain yourself from having them. If you don’t buy them you will not be able to have them. Drink black coffee if you need to, but only in the morning to wake up, don’t use milk. One or two coffees a day is really enough. Herbal teas are your best choice. Leave the tea with milk for breastfeeding women. Loads of water. Water, water, water. Drink a minimum of two litres per day. Water cleans out your body and flushes out all the toxins that poison you from within.

Leave sauces to someone else

I am not the best cook, however I love steamed vegetables and I eat them almost every day. You can add herbs for taste. With that I have meat. Yes I am a meat eater. Sorry if I offended anyone. It is a typical polish meal potatoes and meat. If you don’t have any sauce it will not be fattening. Concentrate on your vegetables. Start cooking for yourself. The exception for me has to be pasta (I love it), but if you want to lose weight limit your pasta intake. Once a week should be enough.

Leave mayonnaise, ketchup and other sauces for someone else. Don’t use them on your sandwiches, salads or chips. A sandwich made with ingredients full of nutrition is delicious and healthy enough. If you need something extra use herbs. They are aromatic, they will add taste to your dishes, they don’t have any calories and they are healthy. Just be careful on the amount of salt you use. Salt is like a sneaky bastard. Salt makes you hold on to water, the extra water stored in your body increases your blood pressure and the greater your blood pressure the harder it is on your heart and brain. You can eat salads with olive oil as much as you want. Without any limits. Isn’t it great?

Whole wheat bread

Some people eat bread with everything. In Ireland you will always get a buttery piece of bread with Irish breakfast and soups. I eat eggs and beans without bread, and I love it. It keeps you full and it is delicious. It is the perfect breakfast before an intensive day at work or before going on a trip. If you like eating sandwiches try using whole wheat bread. I prefer bread over baguettes. I buy my favourite bread at Lidl. It has sesame and sunflower seeds. Just don’t buy all of it please.

Stay active

Exercising keeps you healthy. Starting your day with exercise wakes you up more than if you were to drink coffee and take a cold shower. Even though I am lazy I have my own personal trainer that motivates me every day and because I do everything really quickly it only takes me a couple of minutes to exercise. Stretching, doing sit ups, few bends and abs workout, If the weather is nice I’ll do them in the garden. Best way to oxygenate your body. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym. A simple walk works wonders. If you have a dog he will be your biggest fan. If you want to lose weight you will burn more calories and activate all of your muscles by jogging or Nordic walking. I am slim for a very long time. Long trips on the weekend outside the city to see the cliffs or going to Wicklow makes up for not taking a walk every day. Don’t forget that when you exercise and your body is active you release endorphins, these are the happy hormones.

Have your last meal before 6 in the evening

If you are starting your day with a healthy breakfast, this will not be a problem for you. Of course sometimes you will work longer and you will need that boost of energy in the evening. If that happens eat fruit. Fruit contains different types of sugars that are essential for your brain and muscles, at the same time they are not hard on your stomach. I should really say that they are not hard on your liver and pancreas. These are the two organs that get lazy when we go to sleep. If your stomach is rumbling before you go to bed eat a banana or drink a glass of warm milk. You will be able to peacefully fall asleep without hearing any noises coming out of your belly.

Beauty sleep

This is something that some of us don’t want to hear about. Getting enough sleep is an elixir for youth. I am a sleepy head. Many of my friends couldn’t believe that I don’t stay up late. What for? I got to bed a little after 10.00 pm and I wake up not feeling tired. Recently I have been getting up before the alarm rings. It really works If strangers ask me for my documents because I look 10 years younger.

Being skinny is simple

Breaking out of habits is the hardest. All you need to do is change them. Stick to the rules, and you will be beautiful, healthy and youthful. Make your life simpler and buy healthy products. Leave the colourful and processed ones at the store. If you can’t see something you will not be tempted to have it. If you are feeling hungry the best thing to snack on is a carrot or an apple.

Hide the scale. Don’t count calories. Concentrate on having a happy life in a slow rhythm. Enjoy every moment, enjoy your meals. Incorporate new rules for eating healthy. An old saying goes healthy body healthy spirit. Health and happiness comes from within.