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symptoms of pregnancy

Unusual symptoms of pregnancy

Your best friend will not even tell you the truth about the symptoms of pregnancy. They only talk to you about morning sickness, mood swings and back pain. Like words could ever disturb this blesses condition. So all of them pretend how amazing it is…
walks in wicklow

Walks in Wicklow – magic trees

The forest always seemed magical to me. Some time ago I was even frightened by it. Forest ghosts, wild animals or that I am going to get lost. Near Dublin there are beautiful mountains with magical trees. Walks around Wicklow are always interesting, especially when…
how easy make money

How easy make money

I was only 7 years old when I went on my first vacation alone. It was during comunism in Poland. My suitcase was packed with a collection of Chinease t-shirts, one pair of sandals (I only had one pair), and bubble gum to cheer me…