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lekcje angielskiego

English lessons free online

So many applications, websites and videos are available online to help you learn English. It is very beneficial to use all of these resources and combine learning with entertainment. I have a few ideas that made learning English online easier for me. The applications that…
dublin flea market

I love Dublin Flea Market

My life strategies can be conflicting. My goal is minimisation; however I still keep everything that I can. I hate throwing things out. Old, broken, but maybe one day it will be useful. If I don’t have a use for something I will definitely try…
necessary in ireland

5 things necessary in Ireland

Beautiful warm, forever green island. It is never freezing, it is never too hot. You may thing that it is perfect, and it almost is. However, ''almost'' does make a difference. So you better get ready to conquer the leprechaun island with the right gear.…

Dublin Jamestown Market

My favorite second hand market. I love going there. I am always able to find something that I can use around the house. Time managment comes in handy if you want to see everything there. You will need to look at everything carefully to find…