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places to visit in paris

Which places to visit in Paris

Each place has its’ own specific smell. The first smells of needles, the sea port smells of death fish, Northern Ireland smells like fertiliser, and Paris... Oh well it is definitely not Chanel no 5. All guidebooks recommend great places to visit in Paris one…
lanarote cactus garden

Lanzarote cactus garden

Can you imagine what the first paradise garden looked like after the first people were expelled from it? Did the beautiful plants blocked the entrance into this amazing place? Maybe they were seducing people into the garden with their beautiful flowers and soft puffy stems?…
cheap souvenirs

Cheap souvenirs

Do you remember the holidays you went on a year or two ago? There only that mug or that t-shirs with Tenerife written on it, right? Even those souvenirs will end being forgotten. I like buying something oryginal, something different than what I already have,…