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Coincidence or destiny – predictions that come true

A fortune-teller will tell you the truth. Cards will reveal a new path; they will warn you and help you figure out your problems. Just how true are these predictions? If something is shown is it already inevitable? Can we change our destiny?

Humorous Fortune-telling on St. Andrew’s Day

Traditionally fortune-telling on St. Andrews Day was meant for young ladies. They were supposed to find out who will marry first and what will come out of it. Today this tradition is taken lightly and no one takes it seriously. If you think about it, how serious can you take a prediction that came out of a shoe or spilled wax? Whichever shoe crosses the door step first will get married first or reading signs from wax that was poured through a key hole. No one really knows how real those predictions are. Do predictions come true a hundred per cent of the time? Does our destiny always happen or are we able to change it if we do something differently? Or maybe it does not exist. The universe is chaotic. From all the paths and ways we decide where we are going and with whom. What we do. The paths we get depend on our decisions.

You will buy a new car

A woman in her fifties. Kind voice. A small table with two stools. Three decks of cards. The tarot that looks like it served someone for many years. A lit candle flickered in the background. Magda does not remember much from what she has been told. Nothing surprised her. What kind of fortune-teller is this? –You will get on well because you are hardworking and brave. You will be with a man that you already know. He is in your life and he is just waiting from a sign from you. She paid the woman. She was about to leave, the old woman suddenly said- you will buy a new car. This scared her and even frightened her. About a month ago she had an accident. The whole car was destroyed. She bought a new one. Well it wasn’t really new, it was second-hand. So will something happen again? Will I have another car accident? She has told everything to her friend. They were standing outside the supermarket. –That’s wonderful! You will be rich! You will get a new car straight from the showroom- her friend was cheering. –Sure- Said Magda with sarcasm. –Just like that one- she said, looking at a brand new red one. Disappointed by the predictions she had received she didn’t give it another thought. There was nothing to think about. She didn’t get any good news. A year later she had purchased a new car straight from the showroom. –That is the exact car you showed me outside the supermarket- her friend said. –Really? – Magda completely forgot about that car.

Images from your head

I know people that have visited a fortune-teller and began to fixate on the predictions they have received and did not accept any other outcome. However, predictions do not always come true. It is destiny that will always catch up with us, or a tangle of potential happening that we can influence? Some time ago I tried to analyse these predictions. The results concluded one thing. The things that we get from cards are reflections of images hidden in our minds. Desires and fears. Dreams that can come true, but we don’t allow them to be realistic in our consciousness. Fear from getting fired, sickness or love troubles. This is one option that can happen. It is up to you if this will become true. Often when the hidden desires are spoken of by the fortune-teller- This will happen- acts like a fulfilled prediction. All you need to do is believe and start working your way in that direction. Waiting until something happens will not work.