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Dublin Jamestown Market

My favorite second hand market. I love going there. I am always able to find something that I can use around the house. Time managment comes in handy if you want to see everything there. You will need to look at everything carefully to find all the hidden treasures and enjoy all the benefits this place has to offer.

If you are planning on going to Dublin Jamestown market there is no need to carry a wallet around. All you need is your piggy bank filled with coins. Prices start as low as 50 cents. For 1 euro you can get most of the little things on sale. In the market, I was able to find books, frames (for our maps and photos) and cat figurines. Everyone can find something they like. True paradise for collectors.



Furniture and household items take up most of the space. Unfortunetely our house has been fully furnished by the landlord so I can’t really buy any more. It is a shame because when I see antique furniture I can only imagine what they would look like at our house. I could even buy an ordinary cabinet and with bit of creativity change it into an original bookcase.

If you love clothes, bags and accessories this is the place for you. The market holds mountains of fashion items. It is worth going there if you are looking for something original to wear or just an ordinary table cloth for your kitchen. A lot of gadgets and toys for children. Strarting with toddlers, all the way to teenagers. Children can find movies, games or a t-shirt that says Star Wars.



So if you are looking for something for yourself, your family or for the house, go there – Dublin Jamestown Market. Remember to make a turn next to The Black Horse in Jamestown street. It’s open Saturday and Sunday form 10 am to 5 pm.