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how easy make money

How easy make money

I was only 7 years old when I went on my first vacation alone. It was during comunism in Poland. My suitcase was packed with a collection of Chinease t-shirts, one pair of sandals (I only had one pair), and bubble gum to cheer me up. During the net few weeks I was suppose to be in my grandparent’s care.

Cry baby wants to play

As a baby I was shy and sensitive. I usually watched my peers from a distance, I did not join them in their games. The bubble gum was a huge help in breaking the ice, I did not even like it. The children were ecstatic, I did not understand them. The bubble gum filled my entire mouth, chewing it made me gasp for air, and after a few minutes my jaw began to hurt.

7 year old girl’s business plan

As a child I had no idea about the power of subcousciousness, visualising success, or the difference between a wealthy father and a poor one. Like all children, I wanted to have fun and get evrything I wanted. What I wanted was a soda dring with a straw. It costed very little, but you had to pay with real money. The summer holiday was over and I was already thinking about the next one. I started collecting as much bubble gum as I could. I even came up with a trading system with my brother. He game me his gum in exchage for other sweets. During the next holiday I left carrying an impressive amount of bubble and a chinease tent. The tent was small, green and orange. This was my very first commercial premises. See-through foil acted as an entrance, inside I had an exhibition. The bubble gum wrappers were appealing to the eye, they came in all sorts of colours, the price was written on a piece of paper. The shop was a hit. More and more children wwere visiting my shop evryday. Even the ones that lived at the end of the street.

Parents worst than the tax office

All the mothers carried huge resentment towards me. Complaints were made to my grandmother, claiming that I am extracting money from their children. When children did not get the money from their parents, they took it out from their parent’s wallets. The elders decission was to close down my little shop. Missing all the gum, the only thing left was the chinease tent.

None of the adults made sure that my ambitious plans and creativity were appreciated. My bussiness plan was destroyed right at the beginning of it. If I had a father with a different mentality, I am sure he would have seen the huge potential I had. Just like Kamil Cebulski’s mother. She made it possible for him to open his first bussiness in her name when he was a teenage. He made his first million when he was only 21 years old. While my dad believed that I should just go to work and not brag about my ideas. Be honest, work hard and you will not go hungry. You have to be born a bussiness man.

How easy make money

Millionairs that reach their goals step by step, gaining their skills and multiplying their wealth would laugh off my dad’s theory. Successful people see reality differently. They see a possiblity to gain more profit, in places where others do not. Even the most perfect plan in the wrong hands will not bring profit.