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creativity in your child

Stimulate creativity in your child

Educational toys are so popular, you can even get them for toddlers. With an ambicious resolution, I am going to battle, titled ”My child is the best”. After saying Mum and Dad for the first time, the first tooth and the first steps, parents give up on educating their child everyday. Maybe parents do not want to waste their time on playing with their child and showing how things work. It is much easier to hire a part-time nanny. These days life lessons are given to a child on a tablet.

Just what life is that? Virtual. Nothing is real. The senses are not working to the fullest, the child does not learn how to interact with others, they will not taste real victory or failure, everything works with a click of a button. Game over, and we start again. Video surfaced on the internet, it showed how a fully grown child is unable to find it self in the real world. Going on a job interview is extremelly stressfull and many mistakes are made. The next part of the video shows the mother that did everything for the child, everyday little things, while screaming at him ”you idion”, ”you do not know how to do anything”, ”hurry up”.
If you care your child’s future, show him the world. Spend quality time with your child. Teach him about the rules that apply in the real worl. Do it everday, all the time and just like that.

Pink like the sun

I remember my passion when I was teaching my niece different colours. She was four years old. Her mother has recently read somewhere that by this age she should know that the grass is green and that the sky is blue. We really gave it a go. We took a box of crayons, a page and by drawing pictures inspired by nature we showed her all of the colours. We were happy with ourselves and proud of the little one, just after a few goes- we did it! Yellow like the sun, red like the heart and black like coal. Our happiness lasted untill the next morning. After breakfast we quized the child on what she learned. What is this colour?- I asked, presenting the yellow crayon?- Pink like the sun- this was the answer she gave us.

creativity in your child

Stimulate creativity in your child

Statistical puddle

Practice is the best strategy for learning. Show the child not once, but two or three times and then let the child try it out for themselves. Involve as much senses as you can. Touch, smell, taste, and vision. You do not need a lot of time, however, you need good time managment. Agnes always walked her children to kindergarden. I do not know how she did it, she never left the house late. The journey was quite boring, the only thing they saw were rows of house, few trees, sometimes a dog and its’ owner. She spend this time teaching her children. First of all- observing their surroundings. What, where, how and when? Second of all- analysing and comparing. She even did this when it was raining, though some people react to rain with enthuasiasm, her childen marched with a smile on their faces, looking forward to the next puddle. How big is the next one? Will that one be deeper? Which puddle had dirty water and which had floating leafes in it?

What animal is that?

When I was a little child and we did not own a computer, and the television had only one chanel, we often spen our time observing nature. One of the most interesting activities was lookig up at the sky, and guessing a certain shape, the shape always resembled something something else. Did the shape resemble a witch on a broomstick, an elephant, or maybe a car. The clouds moved around a kept giving us new shapes we could play with. We always looked at a new shape and we tryed to find a simmilarity to things that we saw before. I often surprised myself, when leaning down to pick up a stone or a stick and I am about to say- look it is like the face from Munch’s Scream. It is still a lot of fun even to this day.

Creativity in your child

Congaduations, You have read the entire post. This means that you are interested in your child’s well being. Some believe that in order to be good at business, you must be born with it. You noticed that the ability to see more than others comes with time. If you start practicing as a child it will come naturally and even subconciously, without realising it. Say no to restrictions emposed on you by society and your parents. Allow your child to develop its’ creativity. This will allow your child to find his or her way in the real world. You can begin today, by teaching your child to observe everthing everyday. Bussiness intuition will become much more usefull than economical issues.