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kwiat bananowca

Baked banana flower – recipe

I will give you a recipe for a delicious meal, banana flower with couscous. A vegetarian meal and also suitable for meat eaters.

All gifts make me happy, but I have never received one that gave me so much trouble. The banana flower resembles a corn knob. I saw it for the first time before and I had no idea that something like this exists. It was hard to gather any information about it. I asked all of my friends. I finally figured out how to peal it, because that was the main problem. I did not find a recipe that was worth recommending, so I had to create my own. I was inspired when I read that the taste resembled meat or mushrooms. If so I thought I would prepare it like I would prepare meat.

Products for a meal for 2 people:
One banana flower (medium or small)
Half a lemon
One onion
Five garlic cloves
Chilli pepper (if someone likes it spicy they can add two)
Soy sauce
Dill or parsley
Stock cube- I used beef flavour (vegetarians can skip this part)

Unfortunately it is very time consuming. Peeling the banana flower begins with separating all of the brown leafs. The flowers are hiding underneath the brown leafs; we put them on the side. White leafs must be left intact- this is the heart of the flower; we only cut off the mares. We cut the heart of the flower into little pieces and we soak them in water with the squeezed lemon juice. During this time we should prepare the flower. From each flower the stamen and the transparent membrane should be removed. I read that this is the right way to prepare it, so I did that, but it was very time consuming. It took me about an hour. The cleaned flowers should be cut and placed in water with the lemon where the heart is. The banana flower must be soaked for two hours.

We fry the diced onion on the pan. We add the squeezed garlic and the finally chopped peppers. We drain the banana flower and throw it in the pan. We fry the whole thing for a few minutes. Half the stock cube melted in half a glass of boiling water should then be added to the dish. We cover the pan and cook everything for 20 minutes. At the end we add the soy sauce for flavour.

I was thinking about adding sesame seeds. But I did not have any handy; the next time I will try them out.

Prepare couscous and serve the dish on a plate unless you prefer the exotic version of this meal then you can serve it on the brown banana leafs that you have saved earlier.

The banana flower really does resemble mushrooms in taste. For me the dish was very flavourful and simple to prepare. Even though I don’t usually like dishes that you have to spend more than half an hour preparing, I do recommend this one. The flavour you get is worth the wait.

kwiat bananowca

kwiat bananowca