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cheap souvenirs

Cheap souvenirs

Do you remember the holidays you went on a year or two ago? There only that mug or that t-shirs with Tenerife written on it, right? Even those souvenirs will end being forgotten. I like buying something oryginal, something different than what I already have,…

Dublin Jamestown Market

My favorite second hand market. I love going there. I am always able to find something that I can use around the house. Time managment comes in handy if you want to see everything there. You will need to look at everything carefully to find…
dublin fashion week

Dublin Fashion Week

Both male and female models presented themselves beautifully, however the clothes did not reflect that. Anyway it is not for me to judge. Quite girl in jeans, that has just arrived from Eastern Europe. The clothes that were modelled came from stores found around Dublin.…