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Gift ideas for Christmas

The best present for Christmas should make the receiver and the person giving it happy. So today I will give you a few gift ideas. A few tips on buying the perfect gift and at the same time saving money.

I remember how confused I was when I received cosmetics as a gift. Unfortunately it was not my favourite perfume; it was a shower gel and moisturiser. What makes so many women happy, made me disappointed. I buy shower gels, moisturisers or creams on regular basis. Giving me these kinds of gifts makes me feel weird. I feel like I should smell myself, see if I smell bad and someone is trying to tell me discretely- wash yourself.

People with no apparent personality are harder to shop for, because it does not matter how much you want to give them something they’ll love, if you don’t know what to buy. Even if you are ready to spend a lot of money, will they like it? Not one of my friends has a problem with buying me a gift. I like cats, in all forms (I don’t accept death cats) – figurines, on cups, t-shirts, panties. I love books- all of them- stories, crime, guides. Good tea. Chocolate in all forms. It is really hard to disappoint me with a present. The price is not important, because I will be happier with a second-hand book than with an expensive cosmetic.

The easiest to shop for are little children, because they know what they want and they are capable of clearly communicate it to us. It is much harder to shop for teenagers. They also know what they want, but it is usually something expensive. It is important to plan these kinds of expenses. Buying gifts for grandmothers and grandfathers is also tough, unless it is something practical. You can also take the easier road and buy them Biovital. It is the same with a partner. What kind of surprise will make you both happy?

Letter to Santa

I think everyone has written a letter to Santa when they were younger. I always put mine into a pot that my mum would place on the balcony. Santa came and he left presents. However he always forgot a few things that I mentioned on my list. There was communism in Poland and buying anything in the store was difficult. My mum didn’t want me to be disappointed so she discretely gave me hints on what to write on my letter. Because she has already stocked up on gifts and they were just waiting for the perfect moment. Unfortunately my stubborn soul always wanted more and this usually ended with disappointed.
Even today this is still a good idea, not only for children. It is a good idea for adults. A letter like this will make sure that we don’t buy something for someone that they didn’t want. It is also great fun. Getting ready for Christmas should be joyous, spending fun time together is the best way to bond with family. Before we begin to write a letter like this you can always apply a few rules from the list below.

A gift spending limit

If we don’t want to be broke for Christmas or pay for off a loan till the summer time, the best way to avoid this is agreeing on a spending limit. It is better to spend a few euros on chocolate for your coffee, than spending tens of Euros on a book that someone will not read, because they don’t like it. Sometimes the simplest things are most appreciated.

One gift for each person

One expensive present from everyone. This will save money and will also bring more joy if it is really special, because saving money on a pleasure like this was never takes into consideration, especially if we want to give someone something they really wanted. These days we often find tablets, iphones and video games under the Christmas tree. I am sure they will make the beneficiary happy, even if this will be the only present that the whole family collected money for.

Practical gifts

You may not get as excited about a hairdryer as you would about your favourite bottle of perfume, a hairdryer will last longer than a year and it is much more practical. If it is a high standard hair dryer we will appreciate it all the time. It is also a great gift for tightwads. They hardly ever buy something that they don’t really need, if they receive such a gift it will definitely make them happy. For grandparents that are not up to speed with the newest kitchen appliances, a blender or a microwave may be a great idea. They will use it a lot during the day and it will always remind them of their grand-daughter or grandson and they can always brag about it to people. Socks under the Christmas tree may not be welcomed this year yet again. Unless you give it to someone like me that is always cold and wears beautiful warm socks every day, no matter what season it is.

Souvenir for Life

Photo books became blogger’s favourite during the November month. I used these programs myself and I must say I was very pleased. This is the best gift not only for the family, but also for you. We live in an era where everyone stores their photos digitally, not many people remember actual photo albums. For the older generation, that is not familiar with the internet, it is their way of storing memories. They will not disappear if the hard drive is damaged. We usually send photos regularly through email or we post them on Facebook. Unfortunately after a few likes they disappear from our recent activity. A photo book is a nice gift that will definitely bring a lot of joy.

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Hand-made gifts

If you are talented you can knit a scarf, sew something, sculpt or paint. Kids don’t have a problem with that. You can talk them into preparing such gifts for parents, grandparents and aunts. It is very pleasant. If you are someone like me, that saves those gifts, they will be enjoyed for many years by both parties. Today my best gifts have to be photographs. I take a lot of them. Some of them are beautiful and others capture emotions. I expose them on the wall. It is not really a gift that doesn’t cost anything but it is special. You can save money on the frame. I use paper ones made for paintings; I used double sided tape to put them up.

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One gift for everyone

The best thing you can do is combine pleasure with practicality. A family can get together and decide to buy a gift for the entire family e.g. Holiday. And you don’t have to go during the winter. A gift that you have to wait for. A great get away during the summer for an entire week. You no longer have to figure out how to make end meet during Christmas and then having to worry about spending more money on a holiday. Today can be the day that you decide how much you are spending not only on Christmas but also on the summer holiday. Games that you can play together are also a great gift. The most popular games are Monopoly or Family Bingo. But you probably already own them. I found something much better this year. Eurocash –  the game that stimulates creativity and helps sculpt business habits. If you want to be rich one day this is the perfect gift for your family.

A gift card

The best idea for a Christmas gift that is available in almost all shops. They carry double benefits. First of all, the recipient is able to choose anything they want from what the shop offers. The risk of getting something they will not enjoy is nil, if the card comes from a place where the recipient likes to shop. Second of all, it helps you save money. A gift card for 20 euro allows the recipient to shop for most of the things that are available on sale after Christmas, compared to the same amount before Christmas.

A gift for a charity pomysł na prezent

We live in a very selfish worlds, it is hard to expect children to understand the suffering of others. One of the hardest things a parent has to teach their child is empathy. You can use the Christmas time and if your child is mature enough to be able to give up something in order to help someone else. Teaching your child that giving brings as much joy and happiness as receiving is very difficult and often not understood by the little ones, but you can always try. Adults in the name of Christian love and Samaritan spirit I hope do not have to b convinced.

Christmas without gifts

The most depressing Christmas I could think of. It is not about spending money. Symbolic gifts are appreciated. A Christmas tree and gifts are the two most important parts of Christmas tradition. Having traditional meals or going to church doesn’t really matter. When I celebrate Christmas it should be joyous and should involve spending a lot of time with your close ones.

I hope this list allows you to be happy during Christmas and helps you with your Christmas spending. In your opinion, what is the best gift you can give? Is there something that always makes you happy? Or maybe there are things that you don’t want to get for Christmas?